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Freedom of the will - decision for good or evil
von roswitha frojd   Wed, 10 Apr 19 um 9:50 CEST

2297 Freedom of the will .... Last reprieve .... Announce ..

Nor do men move in the freedom of their will, nor can they work by taking advantage of the life-force, and gathering the goods that they desire, and it is a grace from God that they can not grasp yet .... They can shape their future at their own discretion, and so they create for themselves the fate of eternity, either freedom of mind or the opposite, renewed imprisonment of what already had some freedom.

And people live there without any sense of responsibility. And whether they are preached about it again and again, they do not pay attention to such words because they do not believe it.

They do not use their free will for the higher development of the soul, and this is a spiritual step backwards that is severely punished after the death of man. And since man abuses the freedom of the spirit or does not make good use of it, his soul returns to the state of bondage .... It has to move again through endless times, according to the will of God, so that they are tormented Willing feels and yearns again for its freedom.

The spiritual is originally created freely in man and will always carry desire after this original state. But as long as the resistance to God, one's own lovelessness, is still so great, the will for freedom is only slight in the being and can only be awakened or intensified by pressure and coercion from the outside. Therefore, there is no other possibility for the being to the ascent as the painful walk through the works of creation in the bound will. For only when the essence demands freedom out of itself does the will also become active in it, and only then does the ascent to the height begin, for only then can light and power be supplied to it, through which it can attain the freedom of the spirit ,

Humanity of the present time, however, no longer respects its freedom and therefore does not use it. And so she also forfeits the right to live on earth, as she neglects a grace of God. Thus, it is by no means an act of injustice, so that the human being's stay on earth is abbreviated or taken altogether, for they do not want it otherwise, which they manifest by the abuse of their free will.

But God allows a brief reprieve to follow His last admonition, and the people who are profusely using this grace period can exercise their free will by living according to the divine commandments and subjecting their free will to God, that is, their former resistance Give up God. And that is why, in this short time, the divine teachings of love must be brought to the attention of men, and they must once again be urgently pointed out, which terrible consequences a misguided earth life change entails.

It must be preached to them by the love of God and His constant care for His creatures, which, however, also requires a "will" directed to Him in order to be able to have an appropriate effect. And that is why this time is especially important for the dissemination of the divine Word, whose adherence to them should be urgently taught to be effective. And this is the last time of grace that precedes the last judgment and therefore can not be taken seriously enough ... __Amen

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